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Installing an effective burglar alarm isn't simply a case of setting up a few PIR sensors, a simple control panel and a siren. Even with the advent of wireless technology, it is important to get it right for maximum effect.

Getting a professional installer to fit your alarm is the sensible choice for several reasons. Firstly, if you are expecting to see a reduction in your home insurance premiums then your alarm must be installed by an accredited installer.

Most alarm systems which we fit pay for themselves within a couple of years, simply because of the reduced insurance premiums. That is without even taking into account the reduced statistical likelihood of a burglary.

Then there is the actual effectiveness of the system. A burglar system fitted by an expert will not leave any gaps for a burglar to exploit. With our decades of experience we know all of the tricks a burglar will use and how to stop them. It is a sad fact that most of our customers only come to us after they have been burgled. So time and again we have seen first hand the damage done to a life by such an intrusion.
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Burglar Alarm Installation Somerset
Getting the sensitive balance right for your alarm is a fine art, one which we have had years to learn. Ensuring that the alarm goes off the moment an intruder tries to get in and not when the cat wakes up is a delicate job. Generally it is a question of erring on the side of caution but we include a full survey in all of our work and can build you an alarm system which won't be crying wolf every few days and yet will go off without fail should a burglar decide to try their hand at stealing from you.

Wired systems are generally cheaper than wireless system but the difference is shrinking every day. The components may be more expensive for a wireless system, but you gain in the fact that it is so much quicker to install. Without needing to run cables or worse, hide the cables, a wireless system can be up and running a matter of a couple of hours, rather than a day or two. So not only do you save on the cost of having a professional install your home security, but you don't suffer from very much disturbance to your daily life.

When it comes to reliability, there is no difference between the two. Yes, with a wireless system you will need to have the batteries replaced every five years or so. But these batteries are standardised and available from major manufacturers, meaning that compared to the cost of main electricity you would use on a wired system, the cost is neglible. Wired systems do come with battery back up to ensure that the system will run in the event of a power failure, obviously this isn't an issue with a wireless system.

The actual performance of the components is identical and the adoption of wireless technologies means that a great deal of research has gone into bandwidth and signal integrity. This gives the wireless burglar alarm the proven reliability to ensure the safety of you, your family and your home.

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Burglar Alarm Installation Somerset

There are both positives and negatives for wireless and wired burglar alarms. Both effective in what they do as far as installation and maintenance wireless systems are more affordable and flexible.

Costs Alarm Installer Somerset
Wireless components costs considerably more to buy.
Installation Burglar Alarms Somerset
Very easy to install, with no wires and cables, causing less disruption and cheaper.
Flexibility Burglar Alarms Somerset
System can be easily expanded to cover out buildings eg, garages, barns etc.
Monitoring Burglar Alarms Somerset
If the alarm is activated it can send an automated call to a monitoring centre who will alert the police.
Maintenance Burglar Alarms Somerset
Easy to maintain and check as there are no wires to keep in safe condition.
Aesthetics Burglar Alarms Somerset
Simple and small without wires
Limitations Burglar Alarms Somerset
Wireless systems are better suited to smaller buildings as transmissions of digital signals can be limited.
Costs Somerset Burglar Alarm
Wired components are cheaper to buy.
Installation CCTV Installation Somerset
More time consuming and disrupting with wires and cables.
Flexibility CCTV Installation Somerset
A lot of work and time to expand security system.
Monitoring Burglar Alarms Somerset
If the alarm is activated it can send an automated call to a monitoring centre who will alert the police.
Maintenance CCTV Installation Somerset
More maintenance is necessary must be checked and updated if necessary.
Aesthetics CCTV Installation Somerset
Wires are ugly and will need to be hidden.

WIRELESS SECURITY SYSTEMS -They may be more expensive to buy but the installation is cheaper and faster with fewer problems and any maintenance that will be necessary in the future will be easier and cheaper to do.
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