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Across Somerset we offer a whole package of expert CCTV security systems. Our state of the art systems bring a huge range of benefits which make them valuable to any commercial premises.

The primary reason a business has CCTV fitted is for insurance purposes. This can be an important factor and the reductions in premiums can mean that a CCV system will pay for itself in a few years. Of course it is difficult to measure crime that doesn't actually happen, but studies show that businesses with a visible CCTV system suffer far less from burglaries than those without.

Predominantly the benefits from CCTV come in two ways. Deterrence is the chief benefit, with the increased chance of being caught and convicted being enough to put most would-be intruders off.



Taunton CCTV Installer


Because of the fact that burglaries in premises with working CCTV systems are so much higher, insurance companies often demand a monitored CCTV system as it allows them the opportunity to recoup some of their expenses.

Deterrence simply means making the putative intruder think better about trying your business and going on to a softer target.

Our wireless systems feature digital recording equipment, armoured cameras, encrypted transmission, motion activated recording and we can offer on or off-site monitoring facilities. In fact one of the key features of modern CCTV systems is that the digital recording format allows encrypted transmission across the internet. This allow you to monitor the system remotely.

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