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Security is a major concern and a serious headache for the owners of listed buildings. It is a concern as these properties are often seen as being 'high-value' targets, often filled (at least in the mind of the burglar) with treasures. While this isn't necessarily the case, the break in has been accomplished before the thief discovers the lack of rich pickings.

The headache comes in that the strict rules governing listed properties means that it is often difficult or more expensive to implement an effective security solution. This becomes more serious if the property is open to the public. There is always going to be a compromise. Going for the heavy handed approach may be tempting, but not every listed building is a castle, and English Heritage will be round for words if your Tudor town house suddenly resembles the Tower.

One of the benefits of modern technology is that the latest CCTV Cameras have excellent performance in a small, discreet package.

Security Alarms Somerset Qualified to work on listed buildings and meet inline with rules
Security Alarms Somerset Professional and friendly installers on hand to help
Security Alarms Somerset SSAIB intruder alarm systems
Security Alarms Somerset
Security Alarms Somerset
Meeting inline with strict rules and guidelines

Before starting we would conduct a security survey of the property, and look to provide the best defence, as well as the best deterrent while not detracting from the character of the building or infringing on the terms of the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990. The fact that Somerset has more Grade I listed buildings than any other county in England as well as a significant number of Grade II* and Grade II buildings, means that here at Ellard Security we have ample experience in the field of designing new security solutions for these buildings as well as maintaining existing systems.

Before the security survey is carried out, you should have a the risk assessment. A basic risk assessment can be carried out by any reasonably competent manager. Whereas the security survey is a specialist tool used to establish what (if any) the security measures currently in place, the deficiencies and holes which may exist in this system and provide the basis of any plan to improve the security.

The security survey will let us design a proportionate system. The purpose of a security system is to discourage potential intruders by making the property look to be more trouble than it is worth. This can be down to quite subtle signs, well maintained doors, windows and especially locks, good lighting and signs of electronic security devices. Another good technique to discourage burglars is to make it seem that they can not just get in and out quickly, something which is a priority for all intruders. Not leaving a window open is a good tactic, but fencing, a security gate, anything to make unauthorised entry to the building as difficult as possible.
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