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TONY Solar Farm Protection Alarm and Remote Monitoring

A detection audible wire free security system with alarm signalling GPS targeting and GSM reporting, complete with remote operational facilities especially designed for the protection of remote solar farms. A solar security system protecting solar sites.

Why Invest in Tony?

  • Reliable wire free animal tolerant detection
  • Protection system that will provide an excellent deterrent to potential thieves.
  • Guard response to alarm activations.
  • Guard response with on site logging that will register time and date of guard visits
  • Reduces chances of damage to equipment and loss of revenue.
  • Greater chance that thieves will be caught.
  • Possible lower insurance payments.
  • Multiple signals such as system armed, Disarmed, Intrusion, Restored, System Tamper, etc.
  • Base station alerted to intrusion
  • The option of remote arming of alarm system if solar site has been left unattended.
  • Save on repair costs due to a robbery
  • Excellent site management.
  • Tony is good value for money.
  • Extra detection can be easily added if require.
  • If system is maintained 5 year warranty for all wire free alarm equipment.
  • If system is maintained 5 year warranty for solar and GPS equipment.
  • Solar and battery operated means a green solution.
  • Peace of mind

Security Control receiving calls from your TONY system
Operator actions guard response units to visit site and investigate the intrusion signal.

In the modern world scrap metal is stolen every day
This system works on wire free animal tolerant transmitter and receiver beams connected to the TONY site control unit.

Don’t Wait Til It’s Too Late
Protect your solar sites and ensure those that try to tamper with it, pay the ultimate price. 

To Conclude

  • Less losses of revenue
  • Possible lower insurance payments
  • Less costs due to repairs
  • Guard response
  • Improved site management
  • Secure solar farm with a solar solution
  • Great deterrent
  • Green solution
  • Peace of mind

Jon Ellard was born and raised in Taunton, Somerset. Jon has been serving in the security systems industry as an engineer since 1987 despite holding many positions he has always kept his hand in on the engineering side to the present day. After many years as an Engineer, Surveyor, Manager then Employed Director for other local and national companies he then started Ellard Security Systems in 1997.

Ellard Security Systems, a company aimed to provide quality service and products at a respectable price.  A SSAIB approved local company that covers the southwest region for quality intruder alarms wired and wire free, door access control, closed circuit television systems and much more. We are proud  to say  that included in our customers are Summerfield Developments, Taunton and Somerset NHS Trust, Somerset County Council, and the Charity Commission.


TONY Control Unit

Somerset burglar alarm

burglar alarm monitoring

Example of Solar Farm Detection

somerset burglar alarms

Somerset burglar alarms

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