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  Domestic Installation in Exeter, Devon
Wireless Alarm
Introducing an alarm system into your home is possibly the best decision you could make to ensure the well-being of your family and possessions. Homes with alarms are 80% less likely to be the victim of burglary.
Alarm Installer Exeter
Security Installer Exeter
Alarm Installer Exeter
Initial Consultation
Ellard Security Systems Ltd were employed to install an intruder alarm system on a domestic property after it had suffered an intrusion whilst the client was away.

After consulting with the client a system was designed to meet the criteria of the client that also complied with SSAIB regulations. This design proposal was provided to the client (in written form) and once accepted a date was set for the installation of a Daitem alarm system.
Security Installer Exeter
The Installation
On the day of installation the engineers assessed the property with the client comparing their conversation to the design proposal paper work to ensure the client was happy with the system proposed and the schedule of works. After listening to any sensitive requirements of the client the engineers proceed with installing the system.

As this is a wire free intruder alarm system the entire alarm was installed within a period of 1/2 day. The average time spent by our qualified engineers on installing any single device is approximately 15 minutes. Due to the short time spent on any one device ensures the minimal disruption to the client and property.
Alarm Installers Exeter
Daitem Espace Alarm
It is often the case that the systems main programming is carried out at the work-
shops of Ellard Security Systems Ltd and the basic programming is then completed on site by the engineer.
Alarms Exeter
Exeter Security Installer Wireless Door Detectors
Exeter Security Installer Wireless Window Sensors
Exeter Security Installer Powerful built-in 108dB siren
Exeter Security Installer PLUS telephone dialler
Home Security Exeter
Client's impressions
"Ellard security installed a wonderful security package for us. It included door sensors, movement detectors a very loud alarm, a control panel which can do everything from texting and calling to allowing us to listen to what is going on inside the house.

We can turn it off on the phone and add more to the system if we wish or if we move. My wife loves the sense of security when we are away from the home and it gives a very solid sense of our home being safe. The cost will be recouped by the insurance saving but most importantly our home is secure and our things are guarded. The fitters were tidy and knowledgable and we are very happy with Ellard in general."
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Security Company Devon
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