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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What is the difference between SSAIB, NACOSS, NSI, and are they all accepted by the police and insurance?

SSAIB, NACOSS, NSI, are all police/insurance accepted governing bodies within the security systems industry. In fact NACOSS now doesn't exist and has now become the NSI. If you receive any insurance broker guide detailing any one governing body this is very likely to be inaccurate and SSAIB is equivalent to NSI  in British and European standards and equally accepted as they are both UKAS accredited.

2.    Do burglar alarms have a tendency to accidentally trigger off?

It is a fact that most accidental activations are due to user error and not to the actual failing of the system. Ellard Security Systems design their systems to ensure that not only do they meet the requirement of the property security but also meets the needs of the customer in terms of their use. We ensure our systems are designed so as to make its operation as easy to use as possible to ensure minimum customer error. This prevents the 'crying wolf' problem which amateur installation suffer from.

3.    Do I need to worry about the tidiness of the installation?

There is no need to worry about an installation carried out by Ellard Security systems. With the years of experience we have installations, the skills required to ensure a tidy installation with minimum fuss are second nature to us. Of course the option of our quality wire free systems are available which offers the least fuss installation.

4.    Are wire free intruder alarm systems reliable?

Wire free intruder alarm systems are as reliable as a well installed wired alarm system. We have found that in fact we have less user error issues due to the option for the customer to have key fobs with a simple on/off button function. Ideal for the senior citizen that find keypads hard work.

5.     Do burglar alarms work in reducing property intrusions?

It is a fact that a presence of an intruder alarm system has the best deterrent against the potential thief. Home with a working intruder alarm is far less likely to be burgled than an unprotected property.

6.    Can your systems be affected by power cuts?

A wired alarm system will have a minimum of 8 hours battery backup once a power cut has commenced. Wire free does not suffer with power cut issues at all due to the fact that it runs on lithium batteries.

7.    Do the batteries on the wire free system need changing often?

No they don’t, due to the use of cutting edge lithium based batteries. This means the system will be fully operational for 5 years of standard use before the batteries need changing.

8.    Are pets a problem with alarm systems?

The intruder alarm systems we supply can be designed and built to accommodate any pet, so no this is not a problem. We can even adjust an existing system if you get a pet at a later date.

9.    Will my insurance premium be reduced by having an intruder alarm system?

Any reputable insurer will offer some reduction based on your security system. Many will require that it is fitted by an approved installed, and is an approved intruder alarm system. We are an approved installer and we only supply approved systems.

10.  Are your quotations free?

Yes they are, we offer our initial consultation and quotation free of charge.

11.  Why would my business require a fire alarm system?

Well it is a legal requirement that certain businesses or public buildings have sufficient fire detection systems, apart from the alarm system you may also require extinguishers and additional exits. Our expert surveyors can check within the premises to ensure that whatever fire detection system you opt for is suitable and meets whatever requirements are set by law. You will need to also have a means to alert the buildings occupants of a fire if it occurs. Rather than being a matter of civil law, it is actually a criminal offence for a property to not have proper protection and any fires which do occur resulting in an injury or fatality can carry a jail sentence for the owner of the business.

12.  Can I afford a fire alarm system?

The simple answer to this question is can you afford not to have a system in place, both from the legal and insurance points of view. It is true that an adequate fire alarm system can carry a certain price tag. Part of the price come from the fact the system must be wired fully using fire resistant cable to comply with the current fire regulations. Is it worth ignoring the problem when a fatal fire would result in you being charged with manslaughter for inadequate fire detection systems?

13.  Is the presence of closed circuit television effective in fighting crime?

Yes, absolutely. A CCTV system for a commercial premises is a valuable tool. As you can see on the many television shows on the subject, the police can use camera systems not only to identify a suspect, but can also use it as material evidence. This makes it a good way to back up any conviction. This makes a visible CCTV camera a significant deterrent to potential intruders. CCTV systems do not come as a complete package. This means that we design and build each system as a bespoke installation. So every system we sell is designed around the exact requirements of each individual customer.

They are less suited to home security, where a good alarm system will be a far better option.

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