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Safer at home under the
protection of Ellard Security
Our bespoke alarm package for pet lovers allows you to secure
your property with your cherished companions in mind.
Tailored alarms for pet owners
Reduce false alarms with our pet-friendly detectors, you'll never worry about setting the alarm again.
Keep your pets safe whilst reducing
potential false alarms.
The tailored pet-tolerant motion detector monitors the inside of your home
as other PIR detectors do, however it is specifically designed to be able
to differentiate between the presence of a human being and a pet.
Alarms Exeter Reduced false alarms thanks to specially adapted filtering
Burglar Alarms Exeter Extra long-serving 3 - 5 year battery life
Exeter Alarm Installer Can be adjusted to low, high or intrusion alarm level setting
Burglar Alarms Exeter
Ensure your best friend
is safe while you're
away from home
Speak to our experts and we'll find the perfect solution
Contact our expert security team Alarms Exeter
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Security Company Devon
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