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  Agricultural security installation in East Devon
Farmyard Alarm
We work at understanding the way our advanced technology can make life on the farm easier, yet more secure. The below case study is a prime example of how we can adapt our systems to secure agricultural property, machinery and out-buildings.
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Farm Security Devon   Devon Farm Security   Farm Security Devon
Security Design   The Systems   The Installation
When designing your security system,
we take into account your personal
needs, entrance ways, out-
buildings and more.
  Each system we supply has been hand
picked by our team to offer reliability
and flexibility in different
  Our installers here at Ellard Security
have an unrivalled experience of
protecting local agricultural
properties and farms.
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How we can help
As with farming, experience counts. Understanding the demands for robust ground level equipment and an integration of changing kit into the future. Starting with the right equipment makes all the difference.

Let Ellard Security Systems help you to see through the technical into the useful and down right clever. Our solutions will not only give peace of mind now, but help you plan, up-scale or move the hardware as you grow. And, with advances in monitoring and signalling, you will be pleasantly surprised at how manageable your security can become. If you have a similar property you need to secure, simply get in touch and we will arrange a suitable time to discuss your needs.
Daitem Espace Alarm
It is often the case that the systems main programming is carried out at the work-
shops of Ellard Security Systems Ltd and the basic programming is then completed on site by the engineer.
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Exeter Security Installer Powerful built-in 108dB siren
Exeter Security Installer PLUS telephone dialler
"I feel very much safer
at my property now and
am very satisfied that I
am as well protected
as I can be..."
Sue - Livery Yard Owner, East Devon
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Farm Security Devon
Agricultural Security Devon
Farm Security Devon
Devon Farm Security
  Protecting: Fuel Supplies   Protecting: Access Points   Protecting: Out-Buildings
Farm Security Devon
Agricultural Security Devon
Farm Security Devon
Devon Farm Security
  Systems: Proximity Alarm   Systems: Perimeter Alarm   Systems: CCTV & Deterrents
Farm Security Devon
Agricultural Security Devon
Farm Security Devon
Devon Farm Security
  Installation: Control Panel   Device Configuration   Installation: Deterrents
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