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Exeter Burglar Alarms

For agricultural premises, it can be very expensive to install a traditional burglar alarm system which covers all of the areas needed. With outbuildings often stretched across quite a large area, even the cost of purchasing the cabling for such a system can be prohibitively expensive.

By opting for a wireless burglar alarm system, you can protect your farm from intruders and you will find that you will save money in the long run.

Not only will you dramatically reduce the chances of burglary, but having a system supplied and fitted by a SSAIB registered expert means that your insurance requirements will be met and even exceeded.

The reduced premiums you can expect from this means that a wireless system will pay for itself.


Exeter Burglar Alarms

Most people only consider an alarm system either after a burglary or at the insistence of insurers. The expense of replacing expensive machinery such as tractors and quads can make anyone recognise the deterrent value of a good alarm system.

With rises nationwide in levels of thefts from farms, the police recommend increased security. Intruders don't simply target machinery and tools, but diesel and fertilisers are commonly taken. Farmhouses, as isolated locations are also commonly broken into, and a good modern alarm system will make any thief think twice.

For added peace of mind, you can have a monitored alarm system which ensures, that in the event of an intruder, the police will be swiftly informed.

  Burglar Alarms
Costs Burglar Alarms Somerset
Cost of burglar alarms are far less than a CCTV System.
Damage Limitations Burglar Alarms Somerset
Burglars are put off when alarm sounds, causing them to leave more quickly.
Visual Deterrent Burglar Alarms Somerset
Intruders will be deterred from a property that has a burglar alarm installed and will choose an easier target.
Maintenance Burglar Alarms Somerset
Not much maintenance required.
Installation Burglar Alarms Somerset
Easy Installation
Evidence CCTV Installation Somerset
Burglar alarms do not provide any hard evidence to lead to convictions.


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