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Wireless CCTV systems have really benefited from other areas of technological advance. Primarily the same computer hardware and software which allows you to chat with your aunt in Sydney has been adapted to keep an eye on a property without the need for miles of cabling.

Essentially a camera is connected to the system using the wireless technology which is becoming standard to connect your laptop to the internet at home. With cutting edge lithium based batteries there isn't even the need for power cables as the camera can run for up to five years off these super-long-life batteries. This is sent to a central receiver which records the data to DVD or transmits it over the internet.

Flexible and simple as this system is, it is primarily commercial properties which would benefit from a CCTV system, it is after all often a requirement of a business insurance policy to have a security camera system installed. For the average home owner the cost of CCTV is still prohibitive and often a wasted expense.
Somerset CCTV Installer
Home CCTV Somerset
Somerset Home CCTV CCTV Installer Somerset
Somerset Home CCTV
There are both positives and negatives for burglar alarms and CCTV security systems for your home. Both effective in warning off criminals and making your home more secure, here are a few points on each system showing which one is best for which purpose.

Ideally if you could afford to have both systems set up in your home they work best together covering all points and leading to the best security your home and property could have.

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Costs CCTV Home Services Somerset
Cost of burglar alarms are far less than a CCTV System.
Damage Limitations Somerset CCTV
Burglars are put off when alarm sounds, causing them to leave more quickly.
Visual Deterrent CCTV Somerset
Intruders will be deterred from a property that has a burglar alarm installed and will choose an easier target.
Maintenance Somerset CCTV Installers
Not much maintenance required.
Installation Somerset CCTV Cameras
Easy Installation
Evidence CCTV Installation Somerset
Burglar alarms do not provide any hard evidence to lead to convictions.
Evidence Somerset CCTV Installations
If you have had a break in or burglary there will be clear evidence for conviction.
Visual Deterrent Somerset CCTV Installaion
Burglars are put off if they can see that the property have CCTV installed.
Damage Limitation Somerset Home CCTV Systems
If the intruder does not see the cctv there will be no alarm to scare them away leading to continued break in.
Valuable Target Somerset CCTV
CCTV Cameras have become a target themselves.
Maintenance CCTV Cameras Somerset
More maintenance is necessary and updates.
Installation Somerset CCTV Installations
CCTV Installation is more complex

CCTV Installer Somerset
BURGLAR ALARMS - So rather than wasting money on an expensive home CCTV system, we would recommend that the vast majority of home owners opt for a far more sensible burglar alarm.

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