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Spending the best part of a thousand pounds on a CCTV system for your home is a dubiokus move. Yes, you may sleep better at night knowing that you have paid a small fortune on a state of the art CCTV system, but does it make you, your family or your home and possessions any safer?

What do you think?

Most burglars are opportunists and most people can quickly estimate the likely reward against any perceived risk. For the average home, a CCTV system isn't likely to deter a thief, he'll simply pull his hat down, put his hood up and remember to take the cameras and digital recording equipment with him when he leaves.

There is also the thought processes of the burglar. Many homes have a burglar alarm, CCTV is seen as the preserve of those who have something worth stealing. So advertising a CCTV system to deter the thief can be counter productive.

A professional looking alarm is far more likely to encourage a burglar to look for an easier target. An alarm can be connected to a monitoring station far more easily than CCTV, initiating an immediate response without relying on disturbing the neighbours. So even in the middle of nowhere a burglar alarm is cause for concern for a potential intruder. This makes a good burglar alarm a wise investment for homes in the more rural parts of Devon and Somerset.

Devon Home CCTV

 Home CCTV Devon



Even if the burglar does try to rob your home, with the noise of the alarm going off they are not going to want to hang around. So by opting for a home burglar alarm instead of home CCTV, you will do more damage limitation in the event of even a determined burglar.

Even with the most cutting edge CCTV system, any footage shot is rarely of any benefit to the police apart from as 'corroborating' evidence. So unless you can convince the police to go to all of the expense of a full forensic examination of the scene, your best bet is to discourage the burglary in the first place. Even if this isn't possible, a good burglar alarm will reduce the chance of a burglar get much and you stand a much better chance of the police being alerted in time to catch the thief in the act.

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  CCTV Systems
Evidence Burglar Alarms Somerset
If you have had a break in or burglary there will be clear evidence for conviction.
Visual Deterrent Burglar Alarms Somerset
Burglars are put off if they can see that the property have CCTV installed.
Costs CCTV Installation Somerset
CCTV Installation and equipment is more expensive.
Damage Limitations CCTV Installation Somerset
If the intruder does not see the cctv there will be no alarm to scare them away leading to continued break in.
Valuable Target CCTV Installation Somerset
CCTV Cameras have become a target themselves.
Maintenance CCTV Installation Somerset
More maintenance is necessary and updates.
Installation CCTV Installation Somerset
CCTV Installation is more complex


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